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There's no use crying over spilt milk. He jumped over the hedge. I feel better today. Mary was looking for you at that time. Excuse me, I'm looking for the Holiday Inn. Do you know where it is? Come home before six. Ten teams competed for the prize. He was heartbroken. He came here. Don't shout.
Sopcast Espanol: - I have a cold now.
- I didn't know he had decided to leave his job.
- He designed the car.
- Do you think it's all right to do it?
- All my friends like the same kind of music that I do.
- What have you got to lose?
- Do you know what's wrong with your car?
- I put on my trousers.
- Why were you absent from school yesterday?
- Eat slowly.
How do I know that? She needed someone who would understand her. This book contains many pictures. What are you going to do next? I really want to know why he did that kind of thing. Her father never let her go to town with her friends. How long should I take this medicine? No, why? I think it's time for me to return to Boston. We use a lot of water every day.

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