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I made Ann a doll. Is he still here? Mary spoke Japanese slowly. It'll soon be three o'clock. She saw him break the window. It's my CD, isn't it? She has just turned twenty. You're wrong about that. John and Ann like each other. You're moving now? I knew you were moving, but I thought you said you were moving next month.
District 9: - Please come in.
- Don't believe what she says.
- John is in the swimming club.
- He jumped on the train.
- I didn't know what to say.
- The roads were chockablock.
- What about a glass of beer?
- You have a lot of nerve!
- Me too. How's the weather where you are?
- Round trip.
This program is a rerun. I like listening to music. That sounds good, but I'm not sure how long I could do that. Can I help you? Did she ask me? That's enough. What happened, Sally? Thanks. I'll be right back. Coach. Come with us.

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