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Date added: November 13, 2013
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Give us a second. If you spend too much time in the sun without putting on sunscreen, you are likely to get a sunburn. The main valve is turned off. The man robbed her bag. Were you at the library last night? The child threw a stone at the dog. I will gladly help you. She treated him like a king. You can see many animals in this forest. I plan to buy a new car as soon as I can afford one.
Dr. Web Cureit: - I wish we had won the game.
- How about tomorrow?
- I'm leaving Tomorrow.
- How many people do you have in your family?
- It's nothing. I'm just a little nervous.
- I'll let you know all about it later on.
- It was so cold that no one wanted to go outside.
- He named his son Robert after his own father.
- She's really nice. She moved here from Texas about 3 months ago.
- What do you want me to do with that paper over there?
We don't like violence. Why didn't you read the magazine? Where's the nearest hospital? Please wish me luck. I must prepare their breakfast. Bob has the habit of going to bed at 10:00. She accused me of being a liar. You shouldn't go to school. A long time ago. I have no interest whatsoever in eating English food.

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