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Ken will be fifteen next year. Tom suggested that Ann should sell the house. I have a lot of things that I must deal with. I think it's time for me to split. He forgot to turn off the light. Have a nice weekend! I buy the Hindu as well. When did it begin to rain? How much US dollars (or British Pounds) will I get? See you tomorrow at the library.
Phet: - Did the police arrest him?
- Hi Joe.
- I have to take medicine.
- Are you angry with me?
- The book is on top of the table.
- The girl singing over there is my sister.
- I should have taken the money.
- What time does the Brindavan Express leave?
- That's really great!
- They were taken prisoner.
The car was stuck in the mud. I would rather starve than steal. Will you show me the picture? He couldn't come because he was sick. Bad weather kept us from going out. Mary called him every name she could think of. She climbed down from the roof. Snow completely covered the town. I never imagined we'd end up like this. There was nobody there.

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