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She is related to him by marriage. When were potatoes introduced into Japan? That's wrong. Non-smoking. Do you have allergies? She isn't kind to him. I have just finished eating lunch. I tried to listen to him carefully. My legs ached after the long walk. Thank you very much for your hospitality.
Raiderz Bot: - They are gathering nuts.
- She pressured him to quit.
- Why did she come home early?
- You are a good cook, aren't you?
- There is a good chance that he will win.
- Do you have time to read the paper in the morning?
- I want something hot to drink.
- Can you get the door to shut?
- I saw him.
- I didn't like it.
How was the trip? I'm going to take a bath. That's a good question. He loves traveling. She adores him. Do you want to pick them up or should we deliver them? Did I ask you to go there? A little. Who's your doctor? I think it's time for me to walk away from this mess. I really enjoyed it.

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